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The Actual Deutschland class Battleships

Part I. Hull Construction

Part II. Hull Finishing & Painting

Part III. Casting & Moulding Funnels

Part IV. Superstructure Construction

Part V. Decks

Part VI: Ship's Guns

Part VII: Hull Completion

Part VIII: Superstructure Detailing & Masts

Part IX: Ship's Boats (coming)

Part IX: Rigging (coming)

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A Message from the Grave; a Pommern Story

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Updated January 2010

Part VIII of "How to Build a Battleship Model from Scratch; The SMS Pommern" opened January 2010.

This stage of the build which was started in Feb 2009 and completed in Dec of the same year, documents the completion of the Aufbau (Superstructure). In this instalment you will find 30 pages covering 59 individual steps of the build with 122 photographs.

*NOTE* May 2011

I started working on Pommern's boats in the spring of 2010 and was planning to complete the model by early 2011, however, when lost my little friend Kaiser everything stopped, including the desire to work on Pommern. I am now just getting myself together and I will start working again on Pommern soon. Thank you all for the emails of support. Tony

Quick Introduction for New Visitors

Due to the lack of straight-forward instructions for the beginner ship modeler on how to take a set of plans and turn them into a large scale model, I decided to chronicle my effort and this web site is the result. This will allow anyone who is attempting to build their first wooden battleship model to see each and every step, including the countless mistakes, to prevent you from making the same mistake.

Each phase of the project has been photographed with a commentary accessible by the links to left on the navigation bar. Each page will take you forward to the next step, back to the previous step, or back to this index page. I have placed only three steps on each construction page, to allow you to print each page off on a single letter-size sheet if you so desire to keep as a reference

I have also included scans of actual Deutschland class battleships for reference in "The Actual Deutschland Class Battleships" as well as a list of the references I purchased for this project as well as a superb source for photo-etched parts under "References and Resources".

As each stage is finished, the link will be activated on the navigation bar on the left. I apologize for the poor quality and small size of the photographs in Parts 1 & 2, a result of owning a Kodak digital camera at the time.

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